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Sunday, October 26, 2008


My new dollye's for the week are antique inspired.I made an Izannah Walker inspired doll,and a Hitty doll.Izannah walker was a pioneer in American dollmaking,she truly was an amazing woman,and definitely ahead of her time.Here is a pic of an original Izannah Walker doll that was recently auctioned~

For more fabulous info on Izannah Walker dolls,please take a moment to vist The Izannah Walker Chronicles,a blog that my friend Dixie of Northdixie Designs has so graciously created.

The other doll,Hitty,was created from my love of the sweet,original Hitty doll.She is supposedly the oldest American made doll in existence,and has many people that adore her.If you have never read"Hitty,Her First Hundred Years"by Rachel Field,I highly suggest you do,especially if you are a doll lover.It is Rachel Field's imagined story of each girl that owned Hitty,and her adventures throughout the years.

Here is a pic of the original Hitty~

Antique dolls,and their accessories,&dollhouses fascinate me!I absolutely love learning all that I can about them.

Here is a pic of my new dollye's that are up for auction on eBay.



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