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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greg's Latest Dollie...

Greg has finished another Hitty!He has been busy!I think she turned out very sweet,and is dressed for this time of year,with an Irish flair!


Wings and Paws Primitives said...

Man, what talent, how awesome that you have someone to share ideas with.... my hubs just looks at me, usually with a blank far away stare... LOLOL!!! Hugs, MO

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Your hubby is one talented dude!!! Very cool to be a team.....a duo in crime huh??!!! :O)

I don't know how I missed your blog addy.....but I'm adding you right now!!!

Hugs to ya for a bright springy Monday!!

Wings and Paws Whimsies said...

Hey you.... having a giveaway on my blog... hop on over. Hugs, MO

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh My Mr. Mandy has done it again!!!! Mandy and Greg you make up an incredible team of doll artists!!!!

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