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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Greg Finished His Hitty&I Got My TDIPT Swap!

Alot has been going on,these last couple of days!Greg has finally finished his Hitty doll&I just love her!He went the extra mile,&made her a Penny Wooden style doll&bench,like the real Hitty has.He hand~carved both dolls entirely,using no kits,or blanks.He also did all the painting&aging,using his own techniques that he has come up with.I think he did such a wonderful job!In my eyes,he is a true Folk Artist!She is up for auction now,on eBay.

Here is the pic of the real Hitty,that inspired him~
(These pictures were taken from the fabulous website is a fabulous place to go to learn everything you need to know about Hitty,and it is full of incredible pictures of the original doll!

And here is his finished work~

Here are a couple more pics of the original Hitty~

AND!!!I am SO excited!Yesterday,I got my TDIPT Christmas swap from Tonya,of Back Porch Pickins!She really spoiled me!Everything she sent me,suits me just perfectly!A precious Santa,some of her wonderful star garland,a prim stocking she made,and so many wonderful smelling things!Stop by her Selling Blog to find things like this,and much more for sale by her.THANK YOU TONYA!!!You're a sweetheart!


Plain-n-Simple! said...

Love that Hitty!!!! Great Job Mandy's Hub!!! Still wish i had a lathe!!!

Those special gifts by Tonya are simply darling!!! You are a Lucky Gal, Mandy!!!! I loved your gift to Annie Bee, You are amazing!! Your skills are really growing!!

Doreen said...

He did a wonderful job on the Hitty doll and thank you for the link to that's fantastic.

Love all your swap items...very, very nice :)


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