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Monday, November 10, 2008

My Hubs is Making a Dollie :).....

I am so very proud of my Hubs!A couple of weeks ago,when I was making the Hitty&Izannah Walker style set,he saw the original Hitty for the first time,and was intrigued by her,since he has been a cabinet~maker,and furniture~maker,for most of his life.Like me,he also has a love for old and worn Folk Art&antiques.So,much to my amazement,he set out to make a Hitty!He has never even hand~carved anything before,let alone,a dollie!But I must say,I am extremely impressed with his very first,hand~carved Hitty!No kits were used,she's just entirely hand~carved from scratch,by him.To me,it gives her a very wonderful,authentic,Folk Art appeal.I'm going to document his progress along the way!

~I'll leave you with a picture of the original Hitty~


Michelle said...

How wonderful!!! He is so talented for his first carve!! OMG!! What kind of wood did he use? Outstanding!!! I will be cheering him on for more!


Dixie Redmond said...

WOW!!! Go Mr. Fiddlestix!

Atticbabys said...

Wow she is amazing so far Mandy! Can't wait to see the progress pics! I loved your clay Hitty, so I'm sure this wooden version will blow me away too!
What a talented team the two of you make!
:-) Nan

fiddlestixstudios said...

Thank you all,so much!Tink,Greg carved her out of Pine.I'm just as excited,to see her painted!

Jo James said...

SHe's wonderful, Mandy! A great start indeed for Mr. Fiddlestix :)

Tallowberry said...

Mandy, what a wonderful job he's making of her. Please do continue updating us on how she turns out.

I think that's great that your husband is carving a doll, has he ever tried a Santa?

Thanks for visiting me. Take care~Diane

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