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Monday, June 30, 2008

Raggedy in Progress.....

I thought I'd share a pic of what I'm working on right now,I hope to have her finished by Wednesday.She is a Raggedy Anne with my own spin on her.I have sculpted her face from paperclay directly over the cloth.Her hair is needle~felted sheep's wool.She has a light crackle finish on her that you can't see in this pic,but I'll take pics outside once she is finished so that it will show.Have a great day!



Dixie Redmond said...

OH, Mandy! How great she is! It's so great to see this coming to life.

Jo James said...

She's gonna be great, Mandy!
I love interpretations of classics with a unique artist spin. Can't wait to see Ann all Mandy-ized. :)


Cookie said...

Mandy - this sweet girl is so precious and has your touches all over her lovely face!

I adore your style, sister :)

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