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Thursday, February 7, 2008

~Some Wonderful Early Valentine's~

I wanted to share these beautiful works of art from the 1800's that I have been admiring.They are so stunning!You can almost feel the love that the maker's put into them for that special person in their life.When I look at them,I can almost hear their stories.

~This Valentine is made of cut paper,and a technique(that I would love to learn!)called the basket weave.It is circa 1850,and was found in Connecticut.


~This Valentine is also cut paper,with a knotted lock of the admirer's hair.The Victorian's often would use locks of hair in their handmade art.


~This is another wonderful example of a Valentine!It is called a"Puzzle Purse",it would have been given intricately folded,often with each fold numbered,so that it would be opened in the order that the giver wished.The recipient would gradually unfold it,to reveal all of it's love notes,and hand~paintings inside.



Cookie said...

I love each of these Mandy, but this bottom puzzle purse is breathtaking to me.
I'm sure you will conquer it in no time :)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

These are gorgeous Mandy! I wish I was around 150 years ago!! Thanks for sharin' and Happy Valentine's Day!

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